Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Opening Day

     For most of baseball, March 31st was opening Day. It is a day very unique to the Sport's world. Even though Football has surpassed Baseball in popularity, Opening Day is still looked on with awe and wonder. It is a day where every fan base in Baseball has hope. That this year will be better than last year. Every team on Opening Day is undefeated, so for one glorious day every fan can say that their team is the best.
    Hope is an awesome thing, it can move mountains and do miracles. As pastors, we say "in certain Hope of the Resurrection" a lot. This phrase means we can trust our Resurrection from the dead (going to Heaven) because Jesus rose from the dead. We can put our hopes in many things, and we can lose hope in many things. We will never lose our hope in Christ or His power to forgive.

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