Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Inspiring lives- Grandma Prisbey

   Anyone can make something great for a million dollars. Look at Disneyland and the latest ballparks for examples. It is something very miraculous to make something of value out of nothing. "Grandma" Tressa Prisbey was a woman who had suffered many hardships in life. From spousal abuse, to poverty, to the deaths of six of her seven children, she had gone throughout all. She decided to celebrate she was still here. She wanted to make a statement that no matter how used up you feel, you can still be used for something beautiful.
   She created "Bottle City" in California. A "City" made of complete junk. There is a leaning tower of old bottles, a doll's head shrine, and a central walkway that is a mosaic made of old TV picture tubes. The city was so remarkable it was made a National Landmark in 1996. We read stories like Abraham and Sarah in the Bible, and we think God can not use us like that. Abraham and Sarah were old and long past child-bearing years.  However, God made them the "Father and Mother" of the nation of Israel. While Abraham and Sarah may have been "used up" people, they are no different from us. Bottle City is a testament to the fact, God does not make junk. We all have a purpose, no matter how we feel about ourselves.

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