Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Prayers For Fellowship

Around the Table

Above the muffled conversation, there is a gentle clattering of rolling carts and ice in glasses.
It is lunch time, and I am grateful for this time of fellowship and food.

Once strangers now friends, we sit around the table, bringing different tastes acquired over decades of life experiences.

Too much pepper. Not enough. Too sweet. Too sour. Just right.

Around the table, we are community, where relationships are more important than food.

It is here that we exchange bragging rights about a granddaughter's new job or a nephew's award.

Here we share laughter and stories, aches and pains.

Some of us wear over-sized bibs around our necks, a practical solution to spills and such.

We are Baptists and Methodists, Catholics and evangelicals, and some who have rarely darkened a church door.

But around the table, no one is impressed by denominational platitude. We are simply sojourners together.

The table is a place of connectedness where someone notices and cares if you are not there.

O God, you have made us a people who crave relationships.

You have made us hungry for love and respect, no matter our age.

And you have given us a healthy appetite for you.


-Missy Buchanan

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